12 Moving Hacks to Make Your Move Easier

As you get closer to your moving date, the stress of packing your home can feel overwhelming. Arranging all your personal things into boxes so they can be picked up, moved around, and put back down again, only to be taken out again is nobody’s idea of a good time. So, here are some incredible moving and packing hacks that will make packing and moving easier than you would ever have believed.


1. Slide your hanging clothes into garbage bags

 Hanging clothes are always a challenge. Pants love to slip and fall off the hangers; clothes get bunched up and tangled; it’s a mess. But by sliding bunches of your clothes into garbage bags and tying off the draw string at the top, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble and headache. Now, your clothes will stay together nice and tidy.

2. Use plastic wrap to cover shampoo and lotion bottles

There’s nothing worse than unpacking a bag or box and finding that your shampoo bottle exploded over everything in the box. By covering the opening with some plastic wrap, you’ll help prevent a messy disaster.

3. Make boxes easier to lift by cutting your own handles.

If you are skilled with a knife, you can try cutting your own handles to make your boxes easier to lift. Be careful to avoid injuring yourself when cutting the boxes.

4. Defrost and clean your fridge a day before you move out

Defrosting a fridge can be smelly business. Go ahead and clean your fridge and defrost your freezer a day before you move out. That way, you won’t have to worry about a leaking smelly fridge when you are trying to finish your move.

5. Label your boxes on multiple sides

As boxes get moved and shuffled around, it is a good idea to label both the top and sides of the box. That way, depending on the orientation of the box, you will always be able to identify the contents.

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6. Use t-shirts to wrap your dishware

By using your t-shirts to wrap your dinnerware, not only do you save money on buying bubble wrap or packing paper, but you also pack two things at once.

7. Color code your boxes

If you plan ahead and pack smartly by organizing how you pack your boxes, use different colored tape to identify boxes by category or room. This makes it easy to identify where boxes should go with a quick glance. Your movers will thank you!

8. Prepare Your Electronics

Set aside time before the move day to organize and label power cords and cables for various electronics. You don’t want to do this task last minute. Figuring out “which cord goes where” and “how to hook up this or that” can be perplexing and stressful.

9. Protect your floors, old and new

Most good movers will have legit floor coverings. Do yourself a favor and have a good entry rug ready to go for the new place to help from the get -go

10. Put perishables in coolers

Keep your coolers close at hand as you’ll probably have perishables to transport.

11. Make a plan for your plants

Most movers won’t take plants so if you really want them to survive, plan on taking them yourself. If you’re moving in the winter months your plants will need more care.

12. Plan Your Shed

Garages and sheds don’t usually take much packing, but you’ll be better prepared not putting these areas off until last minute. Here are some quick hacks for your shed or garage.

  • Movers can’t haul flammables and explosives, so have a plan for gas and LP tanks.
  • Bundle yard tools together and put them in empty trash cans.
  • You can also use the empty bins for messy things.
  • Pack heavy tools in small boxes.
  • Hook ends of hoses together so they don’t leak on the truck floor or your stuff.
  • Remove loose or breakable parts of power tools. Saws with plastic guides are a good example of this.
  • Check grill for a grease tray. Make sure it’s empty.
  • If you have a charcoal grill you must clean ashes out or they may end up on the floor of the moving van, then the walkway, and then your new carpet.

Next Steps

By following the moving hack above, your moving day will be much easier and more efficient. You will feel less stress and more productive because you took the time to move the smart way.

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