How to Save Money During Your Move

Moving to a new home can be stressful, time consuming, and expensive. Unexpected obstacles and last-minute changes can throw off the best laid plans. When you also consider the potentially high cost of moving, it is no wonder then that everyone is desperately looking for the cheapest way to move.

But have no fear! The following cost-cutting moving tips, ideas and tricks have been curated with one simple goal: to save you time and money during your move.

1. Plan Your Budget

There are lots of moving calculators out there that will help you determine a budget for your moving expenses. Save up some additional funds ahead of your move and keep them in reserve so that when you have that last minute hiccup, you can rest easy knowing that you you’ve got it covered.

2. Choose the Right Season and the Right Time and Day

Moving companies typically have on and off seasons. Some movers charge extra for weekends and end of the month moves. Depending on your lease expiration or when the deal on your new home closes, you may not have much choice. However, if you can plan ahead and move during colder months, you may be able to save on hiring a professional moving company.

3. Saving Time Saves Money

Time is money, right? So, check out our list of 10 moving tips to help get organized for your move. By applying those tips, you will have less stress and more free time to enjoy this transition. It’s all about planning your strategy and sticking to it. You’ll sleep better at night knowing you have a strategic plan of attack in moving your home.

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4. Move Less Stuff

Whether you hire a professional moving company or not, you’re going to need to rent a bigger truck if you have more things to move. To cut down on the expense of moving, declutter your home as you pack .Sort out the things that you can bear to part with so that you don’t have to pay to move it to your new house.

5. Sell Things You Don’t Need

As you sort and organize your belongings, hold a garage sale and sell whatever you can. This additional money will help offset the cost of your move and give you cash in hand. There are also lots of virtual garage sales online where you can sell things to people in your local area.

And of course, whatever doesn’t sell, feel free to donate those items to a worthy cause and give back to your community. It does not pay to move something only to sell it at a garage sale later so try very hard to let go of items before moving day arrives.

Next Steps

By following the moving hack above, your moving day will be much easier and more efficient. You will feel less stress and more productive because you took the time to move the smart way.

Greatland Transportation is a full service moving company and has helped moved over 10,675 customers since 1990. If you are ready to move, then request a free consultation to ensure that your moving experience is a happy one.

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