Moving Insurance

Greatland Transportation is responsible for the value of the items that we have agreed to move for you. The level of liability that you choose will be the determining factor in deciding the amount of compensation you would receive in the event of damage or loss.  The options laid out below are not insurance policies. They are contracted amounts found in carriers tariffs and monitored by the Surface Transportation Board of the U.S. DOT.

Insurance or Carrier Liability options

Released Value Protection
The standard released liability for your type of move is .60 cents per pound per item/article.

There is no charge for this coverage but it covers only minimal damages like rubs, mars or light scratches. Here is an example of this coverage:

A 100 pound  $1,000.00 TV is damaged beyond repair. The carriers liability under this option is only $60.00 ($0.60 x 100lbs. = $60.00)

You can take out (purchase) additional valuation protection coverage through Greatland with coverage amounts fitting your specific needs. You should also check with your homeowners policy and agent to see what your belongings are covered for with them during your relocation. We will need to discuss valuation protection further before your move date.


Thank you for the great job. You and your crew were terrific and efficient. I really was impressed with all of you.

Suzy B