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Greatland Transportation serves the residents of New Richmond, WI area with the best in local residential moving services. As a professional moving company, we always bring everything that is needed for the move including the trucks, the pads, blankets, dollies, and more! As a trusted local residential mover, we help people move their household belongings, furniture, pianos, and more!

We are committed to delivering the highest quality residential moving services. It is our mission to be the go-to residential mover in New Richmond. If you live in New Richmond and are looking for a top-notch residential mover with an experienced and professional crew, then we would be happy to provide you with a free quote.

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About New Richmond

New Richmond is one of the several cities located in St Croix County. It was founded in 1857 by a group of settlers from Vermont who were looking for timber to harvest. They set up operations by Willow River and established a saw mill. Initially called Foster’s Crossing after one of the settlers, it was later renamed to New Richmond after Richmond Day (the name Richmond was already taken by another town in Wisconsin).

As the railroad expanded from the Twin Cities, the line went eastward through Hudson and then up to New Richmond where station was developed. This new line of transportation allowed more settlers from New England to come and build a life. Diverse populations moved to New Richmond through the 1890’s including Irish, Germans, Norwegians, and Swedes.

On June 12th, 1899, a massive F5 tornado tore through the area and destroyed nearly half of New Richmond. The storm wiped out the entire business district, left more than 1500 people homeless, and killed 111 people. To date, it is the deadliest tornado in Wisconsin history. Thanks to government aid and public donations, all the homes and most of the businesses were rebuilt by the following winter. The main street in New Richmond, Knowles Avenue, was rebuilt within 5 months.

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We just want to thank you for sending out such a nice crew to move us again. The guys are so professional and do such a nice job!
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